365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 33

33. Jewelry:

I can’t say I didn’t expect it. His best friend had been dropping not-so-subtle hints for weeks but I had pretended not to notice because I knew he wanted it to be a surprise.

Of course, I wasn’t quite anticipating a rock that big, but with his kind of money, I guess that’s what you buy. Now I know why those rich housewives go to the gym: it’s to build up their biceps in order to be able to lift their arm with such a gigantic ring attached to their finger.

It also wasn’t my style at all. I prefer small, delicate ones and I really don’t care about whether it’s a real diamond or not. The price of this left no doubt in my mind that it was the genuine article.

He could have taken you on a round-the-world trip for that price, the angel on my left shoulder said.

Yes, he could have, but would you have wanted that either? the devil on my right replied.

True, I thought. I had never really been into jewelry as a gift and this gift was more than I had bargained for. There were conditions; life-long conditions and way more responsibility than I was prepared to take on.

How was I going to tell him?

Marriage has just never been my thing.


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