365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 32

32. Rewrite a Poem:

Before I begin with this challenge, let me just say… FUCK! We’re back on the poems. Actually, today’s challenge said to rewrite a poem or short story in my own words… so maybe I can ditch this whole poem thing. On the other hand, maybe that’s why it’s challenging! It’s not supposed to be easy!

Fuck it, I’ve decided to rewrite the classic fairytale, ‘The Ugly Duckling,’ in a modern-day setting…

Enjoy! 🙂


Ten years ago in New York City there lived a young boy and his family. Now the young boy was lucky in many ways because his family was rich, his brothers and sisters were all famous models, while his father was a movie producer and his mother, a movie star.

Despite all this though, the young boy was considered to be the black sheep of the family because he was so plain looking. There was nothing remarkable about him and the media had even gone so far as to say he was adopted because he didn’t have his family’s good looks.

This made the young boy very sad and so one day he decided to go for a run through Central Park to clear his head.

He stopped at The Lake to catch his breath and noticed his reflection in the water.

They’re right, he thought to him, I really don’t look anything like my family and I’m really not that attractive. No wonder no girls like me.

He decided then and there to move to Korea because he’d heard so much about the plastic surgery industry. It was worth a try and who knew, maybe he’d end up being famous there.

He packed up his stuff and moved across the sea and sought out the best plastic surgeon in Seoul. The surgeon took one look at the young boy and knew he had to help him.


Some months later…

One day the young boy, who had now grown into a young man, emerged from his apartment and went for a walk downtown.

He noticed many beautiful young women looking at him and he wondered if perhaps it was because he was so ugly.

One young woman ran up to him, threw her arms around him and took a selfie with her iPhone. She showed him the photo after it was taken and he realised that the surgeon had indeed done his job.

He was now beautiful, even more beautiful than his entire family put together.

He proposed to the girl (who he discovered was a famous K-pop artist) and they lived together, happily ever after.





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