365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 29

29. Good Vibes:

He didn’t really know why he liked this place. It was quiet, almost boring, there was absolutely nothing to do, the people were spaced-out hippies who pissed him off and he didn’t really have any friends. Yet he liked it. He really liked it.

He’d been having a drink down at the local one afternoon when he’d heard some young guys talking about Ley Lines. He knew what they were and he guessed it was possible that they did exist, but he wasn’t quite sure they were the reason that people came to this place and never left. He likened it more to a black hole; one that kept sucking you back in every time you tried to leave.

He remembered on more than one occasion packing his bags, walking to the bus stop and waiting. But it never came. As he took a sip of his beer he pondered this thought and realised he’d never even seen a bus in the town.

Whatever it was though, this place just seemed to have good vibes and he felt comfortable there. He didn’t need to analyze it. It was what it was.


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