365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 25

25. Dread:

He could hear her calling him. He wasn’t going to answer. He wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction. He’d seen the way she’d looked at him when he was eating his breakfast earlier and he’d been anxious ever since.

He snuggled further under the blanket and hoped she wouldn’t notice the slight lump in her bed. He closed his eyes. He always felt better when he did that. It made him calmer somehow.

“Jerry…” she called again.

He heard her footstep near the door and knew she was standing to the left of it because the floorboard squeaked. It didn’t do that when he stood there, but he was a lot smaller (and lighter) than she was.

His heart felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest and it was so loud he swore she could hear it. He waited with bated breath, willing her to walk away.

She stepped into the room and he could feel her hovering near the end of the bed. Please, please, please, he begged to the gods. I promise I will never do anything bad again if you just make her leave me alone.

The blanket was suddenly ripped off the bed and he was fully exposed.

“Oh there you are!” she said sweetly.

He was done for. This was the end of it all. He could feel that familiar lump of dread in the pit of his stomach and he began to shiver with fear.

A trip to the vets always had this effect on him.



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