365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 21

21. Foreclosure:

Two months. Well okay, just a little over two months. April 1st it runs out. Ha! April Fool’s Day, that seems appropriate because I’m definitely the fool. A fool to quit my job and expect another to be handed to me on a plate.

Every year it’s like this. Finding someone to sponsor you, finding someone to sign that piece of paper that guarantees you can stay in the country for another year. Gotta love visas!

Oh I know there are ways around it. People have told me, “Just get married!” Like it’s that simple. Actually, in this country, it probably is. But I’m not one to make a rash decision like that just to ensure I can stay.

When most people think of the word, ‘foreclosure,’ they are talking about losing their home; the physical building. When I think of it, I think about losing my home too. But in this case, it’s the country and city I call home.



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