365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 20

20. Missed Connections:

It had started out as a simple writing exercise. Go on Craigslist and see what interesting advertisements were posted or what bizarre things were being sold and use that as inspiration for a creative writing piece.

That was my intention anyway. But, as often happens with me, I got distracted by a section called, ‘Missed Connections.’

I clicked on the first link.

“We’ve sat across from each other on the train in the morning for the last couple years.”

I clicked on the next.

“You tried to find me by posting message here.
I replied to you but got no reply. Then why the message?
What do you want?”

I scrolled down and clicked again.

“You cannot fear and love at the same time.
From this point forward, with the goal of being able to love you completely,
I will work on forgiveness.
And I will not fear anything at all.”

It was endless. Declarations of love, of making mistakes, chance encounters where he never asked for her number.

Did people actually read these? Or were they simply cast-out into cyber-space, never to be read by the desired person?

I was fascinated. I couldn’t pull myself away. I clicked and clicked and clicked. Reading. Scanning. Wondering.

There were so many untold stories here. Stories of possible unrequited love, stories of destiny, stories of disappointment.

I call what I do a hobby, but my friends say it’s an obsession. I cannot stop checking each day and thinking about these people who may have missed their opportunity because they didn’t take a chance. It makes me think… do I need to do the same?




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