365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 18

18. Cleaning:

Cleaning is a pet-hate of mine and my mother likes to remind me repeatedly that my lack of cooking skills combined with my dislike of cleaning means that I will never be a housewife. Thank God for that, is all I can say. Why would any woman want to clean up after someone else? It’s bad enough doing it for yourself.

I try to clean my apartment once a week, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. I am the Queen of Justification and saying things like, “Oh, I only cleaned it seven days ago,” or “It doesn’t LOOK dirty,” are common expressions that come out of my mouth. I know deep down that it’s bullshit, but I figure the more I keep saying it to myself, the more I will believe it and be okay with it.

The only exception is washing dishes.

I love washing dishes. It’s not only a guilty secret of mine, it’s also a guilty pleasure. The dirtier the pots, the happier I am. The people who know me really well also know that my mind is just as dirty, so maybe there’s some correlation. I’m sure Freud would have something to say about it anyway.

Sometimes I find myself not rinsing my dishes after eating, just so I can leave the food to solidify and then scrub it off. I also find that it’s a great stress reliever.

Now… if only I could transfer that attitude to the rest of my life and indeed, the rest of the cleaning that needs to be done in my bathroom!



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