365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 5

5. Food:

Deidre loved living alone. It meant she could get up late (or stay in bed all day if she felt like it), eat chocolate for breakfast, wear her pajamas or daggy track pants to bed (and then again the next day) and she could come home from drinking with friends at an ungodly hour (or not at all…) and not be judged by anyone.

On one particular Saturday she rolled over in bed and wearily opened her eyes. God, how much had she had to drink last night? she wondered. Then she realised she wasn’t in her bed, she was on the floor of her apartment next to a bottle of wine. And, she was completely naked.

Jesus. That had certainly gotten her attention. If she wasn’t sober before, the sudden realization that she had no idea why she was naked had certainly sobered her up.

She sat up and instantly regretted it as the entire room began to spin around her. Holding her head in her hands and groaning loudly, a flashback to the previous night appeared in her mind.

“I don’t want anything else to eat, just you.” Who had said those words? Oh God. She had! And she’d said them to her best friend, Luke, who she’d met up with for dinner.

Dinner… there hadn’t BEEN any dinner because he’d been late and by that time she’d already finished a bottle of wine on her own and had started on her second.

Deidre groaned again. Now she remembered. It was all coming back to her.

She’d kissed him in front of the train station and then forcibly suggested they go to her apartment. He’d agreed of course; he’d liked her for years and she knew it, but she’d always been worried that a relationship would ruin their friendship. Well this was hardly a relationship! a little voice whispered in her ear.

Food. She needed food. Her growling stomach brought her back to reality and she stumbled into the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

The refrigerator was empty, bar a wizened-up apple that had clearly seen better days and a half-eaten carton of yoghurt that was out of date. She sighed and shut the door. There was nothing in her pantry either.

If she had a flatmate or a boyfriend, this wouldn’t be a problem, she thought to herself.

Deidre hated living alone.


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