365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 4

4. Dancing:

The question had taken her by surprise:

“What kind of dancing do you do?”

“Sorry?” she asked the woman.

“Your legs,” the woman offered, as if that was some kind of explanation.

The girl paused. What on earth was this woman getting at?

“Your legs are so beautiful and shapely, what kind of dancing do you do?” the woman asked again.

“Oh… um…”

She paused. How was she going to explain that the only dancing she did was the dirty kind, in the privacy of her own bedroom, when the lights were dimmed and she’d had a few too many cans of the latest cocktail mixer that was on the market?

“Oh, I do ballet,” she heard herself say.

Where the hell had that come from? It was a blatant lie. She hated ballet. The only time she had ever done anything like ballet was when she was seven years old and her mother had insisted on taking her to lessons. She’d only been once. The dance instructor had told her mother she wasn’t the ballet type and to enroll her in something more energetic like jazz… or perhaps soccer.

“Wow! I have a group of female friends who would like to learn, could you possibly teach us?” the woman asked.

Jesus, how had the conversation progressed so quickly? Or perhaps the word was, ‘deteriorated.’

“Sure, I can do that!” She beamed at the woman with what she hoped was her most confident smile. Dear God, she thought to herself, this was getting worse and worse.

“Great!” said the woman, mirroring the girl’s smile. “If you can write down your details here, I’ll be in contact with you regarding a time and place.”

The girl stepped forward to scrawl her name and phone number on the piece of paper the woman held out to her.

She paused again. There was only one thing to do. Lie again.

“Here you go,” she said, passing the paper and pen back to the woman.

The woman studied it.

“Ginger Rogers,” she said. “What an unusual name!”

“Ah yes… my mother had a thing for spices; my sister’s name is Rosemary.” The lies were coming thick and fast now. Where would this end?



  1. I love the scene here.

    I must have been living under a rock cause I didn’t know about this writing challenge. It sounds like a fantastic idea.



    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it! 🙂

      No, you haven’t been living under a rock. This challenge is something I simply set for myself, it’s not endorsed by anyone.

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Oh cool! Well it’s still a great idea. The best thing about NaNoWriMo was it showed me I was able to form a daily writing habit, which I’d never really had before. Of course once it ended I slowly lost that but now I know if I make it a priority I can do it again. Good luck with this!


      2. Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading what I write. It’s good motivation and it gets me thinking creatively. I’ve been a bit stale lately with creative stuff and have tended to focus more on articles and self-reflective or cross-cultural pieces. I enjoy writing them, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up!

        I’ve always wanted to try NaNoWriMo!


      3. I definitely have enjoyed it so far 🙂

        I definitely recommend NaNoWriMo at some point if novel writing is a goal of yours, though it is a substantial time commitment. You need like an hour and a half or more every day to just sit down and write. I found it really hard to manage in college and couldn’t finish it any of those years, but I graduated in May and this past November I was able to make it fit. My novel needs a ton of work but I have a lot to work with and it helped me get into the routine of writing regularly.


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