365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 3

3. The Vessel:

So many people wanted to escape the life or perhaps, simply the place they were currently living in and dreamed of a vessel whisking them away. Whether it was a plane, train or boat, some people spent more time wishing they were somewhere else then they did just living their day-to-day life.

Michael wasn’t one of them.

He loved his life and didn’t feel the need to be anywhere else but right here. And he certainly didn’t need transport to take him somewhere fantastical. He considered his wardrobe to be his vessel.

Every morning when Michael woke up he would stand in front of his wardrobe, pondering the mood he was in, before briefly opening the curtains and peering out to check the weather.

Weather affected him greatly and he believed that his choice of clothing should reflect not only his inner mood, but the external world around him. If the day was grey and dreary, he would wear something bright to make himself feel better, but if the day was bright and sunny already, he didn’t feel the need to go to such extreme lengths with color.

Michael was what people called a ‘chameleon,’ but in the more general sense of the word, meaning that he could change and adapt any look to match his personality of the day. He loved the fact that each day was different and that he could always surprise someone with what he was wearing. To him, fashion was the epitome of his personality. It defined who he was at a particular moment in time.

Hmm, who am I today? he thought to himself. Then he smiled.

He fumbled around in the far reaches of the back of his wardrobe. Where was it? He knew it was here somewhere… AHA! His hands came into contact with lace and as they closed around the outfit, he smiled again.

Michael pulled his find from the wardrobe and held it up in front of him. Yes, this would do for today. The 1920s vintage lace dress had the ability to transform him from Michael into Michelle. It was perfect.



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