A change of direction

I’m currently reading a book my mum bought me for Christmas about a disgraced writer who, yet again, has aired someone’s private life through his writing.

This time, however, he’s gone one step too far and is doing a tell-all story about his new girlfriend’s messed-up family life when she was growing up. The worst thing, is that after years of keeping the hurt to herself, she trusted him enough to open up and tell him in confidence and now he’s done the unthinkable.

I’m so pissed off with his character’s lack of decency and morals, to not only keep lying to her by omission, but by not having the balls to man-up and tell her the truth.

It got me thinking…

How many times have I written something (albeit, using an alias) about personal experiences that have also involved another person? Oh… so many times I cannot begin to convey the extent. And what right do I have to do that? Of course, when writing reflective pieces it’s necessary to use your experiences, while creative writing allows you to expand your imagination and although you can use these as ‘fodder’ to give you an idea, in no way do you write about your intimate details.

This is the first time I’ve really stood back and considered the need for me to start writing creative pieces again. It seems to be some sort of revelation.

I need some more time to think about it, but let’s just say, a change of direction is in the air and it may be just what the doctor ordered…

Stay tuned…


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