A quote a day…

Keeps depression away! Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway! And also anxiety, a loss of self-belief and negativity. There is far too much negativity in this world already, here’s to some positivity!

I will be posting one quote a day on here with no story/explanation… take of it what you will. I did this a few months back on my Facebook wall before I deleted my account. So many people enjoyed it, so I’m hoping it will bring the same happiness here. Remember: positivity breeds positivity and happiness is contagious! Spread the happiness and positivity with whoever you want. 🙂

Today’s quote is:


This beautiful picture and quote can be found here.



  1. I was surprised that you deleted your FB page.

    Best wishes, Michael Freemantle

    ======================================== Message Received: Oct 31 2015, 10:44 PM



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