Battle-Scarred Heart


I drew this artwork on white cardboard using oil crayons and then used the apps Glaze and Snapseed to modify it. I wanted to draw something that was inspiring, rather than dark like my last piece. With everything dark, there is always light.

I used colors that I don’t normally use (I’m more of a red person, rather than a pink) because I wanted to show the beginning of a new relationship with both myself and others. I used black to represent the scars that have been left on my heart as a result of past relationships. Rather than see these as a negative thing I believe they should be worn proudly to show that I survived and am stronger and different as a result of these experiences. All of these experiences have helped me to grow as a person.

I am still able to display my emotions and love even though I have been hurt and I believe this is necessary in life, rather than shutting yourself away and bottling your emotions. In the end you may get hurt, but at least you have loved freely and allowed yourself to feel and experience life.


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