Introducing… my best friend, Shin Fukuhara!

When I was trying to think who I first wanted to interview for my ‘Talking to People,’ category, it was blatantly obvious: my best friend and artist, Shin Fukuhara.

Now because this is MY blog and Shin can’t edit it, I am able to write about just how wonderful a person he really is and he can’t do a DAMN thing about it! 🙂 He he!

I first met Shin last year when I went to a cafe in Hiroshima. We immediately hit it off and I can’t quite remember when we suddenly realized we were best friends. It feel like I’ve known him forever and this incredible person is interesting, hilarious, genuine and not afraid to act like a crazy person when he feels like it (much the same as me… not saying I’m interesting or hilarious, but you get my drift!)

Shin is very open about his life experiences and uses his knowledge and understanding to reach out to people from all walk’s of life irrespective of nationality, age, gender, sexual preference etc. He is also one of those annoying people (in a good way!) who can do EVERYTHING. He can sing, dance, speak a zillion languages (all self-taught!), can speak about anything historical in great detail AND, as evident by this interview, draw as well. He’s one of those people others love to hate but can’t because he’s just such a GOOD person.

Anyway, enough embarrassment for the poor guy (he is going to literally KILL me for this!), without further ado… THE INTERVIEW!


Q1: When did you first start drawing?

A1: I don’t remember so clearly but I loved scribbling in my childhood. I used to draw when I found blank spaces in notebooks, fliers, ads and so on. My parents still have some sketchbooks in which I first drew.


Q2: Were you interested in art from an early age?

A2: My parents tell me that I really loved logos. Companies’ logos. My most favourite one is Mitsubishi’s. Three diamond marks. I’m so interested in visual stuff and sound. I don’t know if it connects with it. Visual and sound are a kind of trigger to my reaction with music and art. I actually like learning language but it has pronunciation and letters. I think it has some relation with it.


Q3: More importantly, why do you draw and create art?

A3: The first time I started, I needed to release myself from irritation. I think writing has limitations to express what is deep inside of you. Drawing is quite abstract. All you have to do is just follow naturally how you feel then. I just try to make a form with a line, pattern and shape. I try to follow very honestly what is in my mind. It means that I will be honest with myself.


Q4: Where does your inspiration come from?

A4: It’s a good question. Actually I don’t know. It comes suddenly. Mostly listening to music gives me more inspiration. It becomes bigger and bigger.


Q5: Who is your biggest influence?

A5: My parents. They gave me a lot of stimulation.


Q6: How would you describe your artwork?

A6: I call my art “ rakugaki”. It means scribbling. Because I feel like I am a small kid when I draw.


Q7: What materials do you use to draw?

A7: A pen. It is not such special stuff. You can get it at a stationer.


Q8: How long does it take to create a drawing?

A8: Almost 3 to 5 hours. Sometimes I take a few days to complete one.


Q9: Why do you choose to create your drawings in black and white rather than colour?

A9: I leave it to you all. When you feel some colour in my works, this is your answer. I feel I make some answer if I paint it.


Q10: Do you do other types of art as well? E.g. sculpture etc.

A10: No. Only drawing. I’m not good at 3D style.


Q11: Do you hope to do this fulltime in the future?

A11: It must be good that way. Yes, I hope.


Q12: Where can I/we see more of your artwork?

A12: At this point, I have my page on Flickr. You can easily find with “ alex shin fukuhara.” Please visit my page. I hope you all enjoy my art there.

For ease of use… you can click here for a direct link! ENJOY!

Thank you Shin! 🙂





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