Up and Down and Back Again

Peaks and troughs.

Highs and lows.

Hot and cold.

Male and female.

All are represented by this artpiece, which I wanted to create to show that some people blow hot and cold in a relationship. Do they like you? Are you imagining these feelings that you believe they have for you? They seem to be into you and then suddenly they pull back and go cold and you’re never really sure where you stand with them because they never say the words, “I like/love you.”

I was initially going to just draw one line in a single colour but in the end I chose to draw two and decided to use red and blue: red for the female aspect and blue for the male. The blue can also represent the cold, while the red is when the relationship is going well. Both the red and blue lines begin and end together showing that the people are progressing through life at the same time and the fact that they cross over multiple times means that they meet again and again and eventually come together as one.



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