So Michael… you got me thinking…

Yesterday I wrote a post about strong-minded women and what I want in a partner. Last night one of my readers and friends wrote to me about it. This is what he said:

“I read your latest blog with interest. I fit your description to a T, and if I was 30 years younger you might be interested. But I wonder if you really would want a strong willed partner? Sparks would fly!”

I wrote back thanking him for his comments and said that yes, I don’t want a pushover, but then again, I also don’t want to be the dominant one. I want an equal. But he got me thinking…

  1. Firstly, I used the word, ‘strong-minded,’ whereas he used ‘strong-willed.’ I’m not sure they’re exactly the same thing…
  2. Just because someone isn’t as strong-minded as me doesn’t mean they’re a pushover.
  3. Just because someone isn’t as strong-minded as me doesn’t mean that they’re not my equal.
  4. I’m assuming that someone who is as strong-minded as me would be the best partner for me, when in fact, that may not be true. I may need someone who is the complete opposite who compliments me and vice versa.

My friend went on to say that two strong-minded people can be interesting, but can also result in a fiery and sometimes traumatic relationship. I’m very thankful he pointed that out because it wasn’t something I had considered before.

Reading back over my list of ‘wants’ that I wrote yesterday, it seems that I can now see they aren’t things that are ONLY found in strong-minded people. They have the potential to be found in anyone. In other words, I simply want someone who possesses these traits, regardless of whether they are as stubborn… I mean, strong-minded… ( 🙂 ) as me.


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