Are you man enough?

People often ask me why I’m single.

“You’re too picky!”, they tell me.

No I’m not picky. I just know my worth and I also know how strong-minded I am. I’m yet to find someone who is a match and THAT’S why I’m single.

Finding someone as equally strong-minded as me (i.e. stubborn), who knows what they want and who is secure enough in themselves is a very difficult task. I’m not saying I want a “macho man”, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, but what I DO want is someone who has guts, determination and passion: for me, for life and for their work.

This article from Huffington Post got me thinking about what it is I REALLY want and so I scribbled down the following notes:

  • I like direct people who tell me how they’re feeling and who are prepared for me to do the same. If you want something from me or you want to know something, ask me. I am not into playing mind games.
  • I also demand respect as a human being. Every person deserves honesty and in a relationship, I expect commitment. I will not enter a relationship if I am not prepared to stay faithful to one person. I believe that if you want that, you should remain single. DO NOT FUCK me around.
  • I want someone who constantly strives to make themselves a better person and someone who gets to know themselves well enough to know who they truly are.
  • I want someone who likes intelligent conversation, but who also doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can make me laugh.
  • I want someone who isn’t intimidated by me and who has the courage (i.e. balls) to approach me in the first place.

And perhaps ultimately, I want someone who I consider to be my best friend who I just happen to love having sex with as well.

If you think my list is too much to ask, great, keep your opinion to yourself. I believe that unless you know what you want and you aim for that, you will always get second best. Don’t short change yourself, whether you are female OR male.

Perhaps my favorite thing about the Huffington Post article was that it wasn’t written by some feminist on a rant, it was written by a male who just happens to have the balls to fall in love with a strong woman. You go dude!


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