A Symbol of Hope

On this day in 1945, the very first atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima.

The A-bomb Dome or Genbaku Dome serves as a poignant reminder to all, that humans are capable of horrific atrocities, yet it is also a symbol of hope that demonstrates the strength and tenacity of the human spirit to withstand anything that life throws at them.

Living in Hiroshima I am privileged to be able to say that I know and am indeed friends with, hibakusha or A-bomb survivors. Their stories have equally appalled and fascinated me and I know, I will never grow tired of listening to or reading them. I cannot stress the importance of knowing about such things as a way to heal, reconcile and work towards creating a world, which does not tolerate nuclear weapons. Last year I was able to attend the memorial ceremony and to feel the collective power of people who are also aiming for the same thing. It was a truly moving and humbling experience.

Perhaps what I find most amazing of all, are the examples of life that continued after the bombing, despite all odds. The rumor that nothing would grow for 75 years afterwards was silenced within days when locals discovered flowers pushing their way through the rubble. Even amid all that destruction, life went on and even flourished. A number of trees were also still standing after the blast and continue to survive today.

To me, Hiroshima is the living embodiment of hope, peace and life. She was completely destroyed, but she slowly rose again, gained her strength and became one of the most famous and historical cities in the world.

As I walk though the Peace Park every day, I take the time to marvel at the Dome and I will always remember the people who lost their lives and those who continue to work for peace. Genbaku Dome is a reminder to me that there is always hope. You just have to have a little faith sometimes.


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