The Transformation


Goodbye 👋🏻

By the time you read this post, this blog, although technically still in existence, will cease to exist in my mind.

I will not be posting here again after my final scheduled post on December 31.

It has been an example of the person I used to be, a place to express my opinions, frustrations, anger and love and at times, the only way that people knew I was alive.

I have a new blog currently in creation, but I’m not publicly posting its name or URL here. Either you find me by your own devices (yes, use your brain and all the tools and technology that surround you) or you don’t.

I’ve learned that people who truly love you and respect you and what you do, will never let you go and will not stop trying to find you if they do lose touch for whatever reason.

I do believe in fate and destiny now to a point and I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason… even the shit stuff.

Yes, I will finish writing my prompts for the rest of the year, but I’m doing it for me and me alone for the last few days of 2017. And that’s how creativity should be.

xxx ooo


365 Prompt: December 25 2017

Note: Unlike my other creative posts this year, this one is non-fiction.

Bless you:

Bless you Japan for giving me a much-needed second chance to complete unfinished business and lay some ghosts to rest.

Here are just a smattering of things I am grateful to you for:

  • letting me meet the best friends and, ‘family,’ I’ve ever had;
  • allowing me to experience the lowest of the lows to conquer once and for all, some obstacles that were holding me back;
  • providing me with copious amounts of cheap alcohol;
  • giving me the opportunity to pursue my one true love, writing, and being a door to future job prospects;
  • letting me discover that I have a love of snow and a natural talent for snowboarding, a goddamn, fucking awesome sport;
  • introducing me to kagura and the animistic religion of Shinto;
  • calming my spirit and natural restless, gypsy nature for long enough to face my fear of putting down roots and letting me meet people I love enough to stay for longer;
  • toughening me up emotionally and mentally to combat the bullshit some people will heap on you in your life and how to let it go and walk away from toxic individuals;
  • overhauling my stubborn, anal and obsessive ways with food and exercise so that I’ve finally stopped missing out on the essential and fun parts of life;
  • getting through to me that much of what I considered about the place and people here was based on illusion or perhaps, disillusionment;
  • the generosity of people who took me places, fed me, cared for me and helped me out when I knew I would need more Japanese than I spoke. I am forever in your debt;
  • and last, but not least of all…. the Peace City of Hiroshima, my second home and a place I needed to be to grow, change and become the person I am today. Through the good and bad times, Hiroshima, I stuck it out and never once considered running away like I used to do. Because of you, I realised I’m not the girl I used to be, but the woman I’m supposed to be. 本当にありがとうございました!

365 Prompt: December 24 2017


What can I say?

It’s Christmas Eve and my writing prompt is #lessonlearnt.

After three, nearly four of the hardest years of my life living here in Japan, I can’t restrict it to a single lesson… or maybe I can.

After all I’ve been through, experienced, whatever word you want to use, perhaps I can sum it up by saying that once a woman realises who she is and what she deserves, she will never, ever allow for anything but the best again. Her strength and power and most of all, her confidence will be palpable to all who meet her and she will finally know what true love is because she found it within and gave it to herself.