CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 20 2017

Your Neighbourhood: 

Your neighbourhood is the kind of place that you retreat to when the rest of the world (and city) gets too much. 

It’s the familiar and the comforting. It’s the local places you haunt every week on the same day or night where everyone knows your name, or at least what you’ll order. 

It’s also the new and unexplored on the other side of the tracks (literally, in my case), where you suddenly discover something you’ve never seen; probably because you never walk around there. 

It’s also the place that feels like home and it is because it’s where you flop down at the end of the day, drink in hand and say thank you for being there. 

Thank you Yokogawa. 

In the flow… 

It seems that I finally made the connection that I had been trying to grasp last year but failed to do. In fact, it’s now become a collection of connections (hey that rhymes!) which are scarily coming one after the other. As a friend said, “You’re finally in the flow of the universe.” 

I’m not a huge fan of all that New Age bullshit, mainly because I’ve known a few loony people who spout this stuff at every opportunity, yet at the same time I cannot deny that it would seem that way. 

Take last week for example:

I was thinking that instead of going back to Australia to visit my mum this year that it would be nice to meet in Hawaii like we did nearly 12 years ago. Within minutes I got an email from my mum saying why don’t we meet in Hawaii? 

Over the break an American friend also let me in on a secret: I’m an ENFP according to the Myers Briggs personality types. Him telling me that was like turning a light on. I suddenly know why I am the way I am and why I do the things I do. And why I choose the people I do as both friends and lovers. 

Last night out of the blue, a Japanese friend from here who now lives in Australia messages me with the same website I had been reading about it and said have you seen this website? 



I don’t believe in them. 

And on Wednesday I decided to change my attitude towards someone and boom! Their attitude towards me changed the moment I walked into the room. 

In other words, your thoughts really do construct reality. As a writer I used to think that written words had power but recent events would indicate that even words that stay only in your mind have the potential to do the same. 

Now that’s a dangerous thought. 

CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 18 2017


I didn’t know what I wanted really. I couldn’t seem to choose. All my past choices had been wrong and in the end I had simply chosen what was being offered. It just wasn’t the same as knowing what you wanted and then being satisfied when you finally got it. 

Choosing clothes to wear each day was definitely a difficult task. 

NOTE: And there you all were thinking I was talking about men! Ha! 😝

CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 17 2017


I always got into trouble for doing it. 

“Jessica Rebecca Baker! Stop blowing bubbles in your milk! How old are you?!”

I wanted to reply, “Old enough to know better but not old enough to stop doing it.”

Who was I kidding after all? 

I was never going to grow up. 

Sometimes I felt as though my students were older than me. Sometimes the words of wisdom that came out of their mouths were far wiser than anything I had ever said or thought. 

I didn’t mind having a childlike mind because I had always felt that if you lost that you couldn’t relate to anyone. As a teacher it was a quality I wanted to retain and one I felt served me well. It allowed me access to things that adults weren’t privy to. My students trusted me.

Yep, I was going to keep blowing through my straw for as long as I had breath to do it. 

CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 16 2017


Shut up! I want to shout. 

Just shut your mouth and do the fucking work, I want to say. 

But I don’t. 

Because teachers aren’t supposed to say those things. 

They have to say, “Can we have a bit of quiet please? It’s too noisy in here, people can’t hear themselves think.”

Students don’t think that teachers are supposed to have normal feelings either, but we do. 

We fall in love just like everyone else; 

and sometimes with each other. 

CaptureYour365 Photo Prompt: January 15 2017


Right now the branches were bare and covered with snow but she knew, like everything, that time went on and the seasons would change. 

She breathed in the clean, crisp air and smiled to herself. 

It was a new year, a new beginning and nothing was holding her back. 

She was her own person and she never ever wanted to forget that again; she wouldn’t. 

And he was gone. A vague memory remained but like a photograph, she knew that would eventually fade. 

He hated the cold and hated the snow. What kind of person didn’t like something so magical and so incredibly beautiful? 

Someone who had given up hope. Someone who couldn’t appreciate what was all around them and right in front of them. That’s who, she thought to herself. 

Snow was fleeting and you had to take the opportunity to get out and enjoy it while you could. 

She shook her head to clear it. 

Yes, right here and right now was exactly where she wanted and where she needed to be.